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Our mission at Ingenuity is to build innovative, decentralized financial software systems that enhance the Interchain ecosystem and enable collaboration across the blockchain industry.

We are fueling decentralized finance on Cosmos by maximizing liquidity and improving user experience without sacrificing on network security and decentralization.

As a company, we strive to nurture team spirit and build a space where diversity of minds and backgrounds makes us stronger, smarter, and uniquely equipped to tackle new challenges.

People first

Mutual respect, empathy, and thoughtful communication are the foundation of every successful relationship. We believe that seeing through the eyes of others and valuing the humanity and complexity in people can lubricate collaboration, enhance performance, and make a positive impact on the entire ecosystem.


Being truthful, building self-awareness and accountability, and integrating knowledge is our roadmap to excellence and success. We maintain that listening to contradicting voices, welcoming setbacks as opportunities for growth, and cultivating inclusivity are key for organizational health and clarity.


An inquisitive mind and a genuine thirst for knowledge are the first steps to exploring the untapped potential of ideas and people alike. They’re not only the ultimate empathy builders, but also the driving forces for innovation and creation.

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All positions are currently filled.

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